My Favorite Ab Machine

ab wheel exercises

I never understood why people make such a big deal about six pack abs.  I am not talking about having them since I have them and I like to occasionally show them off.  I mean all these ab machines and expensive equipment and all these late night infomercials that keep pushing it. Getting a six pack abs is easy if you are willing to reduce how much you eat and make it less how much calories you  burn. The fat will go away an your six pack abs become visible.  It is really just simple math.

The problem is that we are either unwilling to change the way we eat or unwilling to do high calorie workouts. Anyway, I like simplicity and I like to watch my budget. Anytime I can, I use my body-weight as a tool. I have tried all sorts of machines and I found the one that works similar to a body-weight movements to work the best.

My favorite ab exercise is plank.  I also do variations of it with exercise ball, dumbbells and barbells.  Ab wheel is a small, inexpensive and super effective ab machine that works like a dynamic plank. I know that may sound like an oxymoron.

Ab wheel used to be a simple single wheel that could rotate around a handle. That’s it. They then added another wheel, springs and straps, made it bigger and so on. I guess Ab Carver Pro is the latest incarnation. They all work but as I said I like simple things. I still use my ab wheel in combination with plank.