Carloie Burning Jump Rope Suspension Training Trio

jump rope suspension training

I like things simple and effective. I like focus, and I like to do things in cycles of three.

If you are looking for a way to get your heart pumping hard enough that you feel like throwing up, try this trio routine designed to give your heart a run for its money, burn a ton of sugar and tighten your core in front and in the back.

Remember to always to check with your doctor before you start this or any exercise routine. There is a pretty good form you should know about which helps write down and keep a record of your fitness level called PAR-Q  which stands for The Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire.  Remember that it is your responsibility to be aware of your fitness level. Your doctor or your coach isn’t following you around all the time.

Let’s get back to the exercises.

First exercise is good old superman or superwoman.  Work on keeping your glutes tight and a full range of pain-free motion in your shoulder. Perform slow lifts that take around five seconds to complete. Ten of them, if you can manage them takes about a minute.

Next is a plank. Most people think of TRX or other straps when it comes to suspension training. Anytime you keep your body suspended in air, you are doing suspension training.

In a plank, you are keeping your body suspended between your elbows and your feet.

I prefer to do plank on an unstable surface of a Swiss ball or an upside  down Bosu ball. If you don’t have access to these or if you are not ready for that kind of intensity, start with a good old fashion plank.

Remember not to sag and keep your glutes and abs engage as your breath. If you sag or lose control over your abs and glutes, you will hurt your lower back. This is no speculation; it is a certainty.

After you do your plank for one minute, move to any simple jump rope drill you could do. Just make sure you are not jumping on a hard surface like concrete and stop if you experience pain or discomfort.

Jump rope part lasts for two to three minutes.

After that, without rest, return to your first exercise and repeat the cycle four or five times that take about 20 or 25 minutes.

You’ll be out of breath, sweaty and tight.